Feline Grooming Services

Is your home covered in hair? Your clothes? Does your cat get hairballs? Have you noticed your cat getting up in the morning, combing and grooming their coat? Filing or trimming their nails? Is he or she matted?

Full service cat grooming at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital can not only reverse these problems, but help prevent them in the future. It is a common misconception that cats groom themselves. While cats do lick themselves, the don’t do any cleaning per say. When they lick themselves, they spread saliva that contains an allergen through their hair. This dander is responsible for causing allergies in humans. A regular bath and full grooming will help reduce the dander and let cat owners live comfortably with their feline friend. At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital, we offer grooming services courtesy of our Certified Feline Pet Stylist. Having your cat regularly groomed prevents matting, greasy smelly coats, flakiness and other common coat problems. Let our expert staff and Certified Feline Pet Stylist give your cat a full spa treatment; from a full coat groom, matt removal, and de-shedding treatments, to nail trimming and caps. Your cat will shine like a show cat after a much-needed spa day at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital.

Matted fur constantly pulls at your pet’s skin (OUCH!) Mat “removal” is a difficult and painful process. A “complete shave down” is safer and far less painful. It is also the only way to remove the neglected coat. *Please note, due to the neglect of the pet’s coat, a “shave down” may reveal hidden irritations, infections, bruising, cuts, bald spots, parasites, abscesses, and sometimes other common issues.*

At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital, we use Twilight Sedation on your feline while being groomed. This procedure is necessary for all feline’s to be groomed. Reason being for the complete safety of not only your cat, but to our groomer as well. Often times, with un-sedated cats there is risk of getting attacked, scratched and bit. The risk to your cat can include nicks and cuts to the skin, uneven trimming as well as unnecessary stress. Please remember 90% of the instruments used are very sharp! An unhappy cat trying to escape, is a disaster waiting to happen. Sedating your cat proves to provide 100% better results and complete clipping/shaving, bathing, conditioning, drying, scissoring and finishing the final touches to your kitty.

Please rest assured – the level of sedation will be coordinated and is ALWAYS supervised by Dr. A Howard or Dr. E. Clough throughout the much-needed process.

​Let’s make your fur baby healthy today, please feel free to call me with any concerns or questions regarding your special BFF that deserves the best!

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