Pet Endoscopic Procedures in Ogden

At Wasatch Animal Hospital, we proudly offer advanced pet endoscopic procedures, including state-of-the-art video otoscopy, ensuring comprehensive and minimally invasive care for our furry patients. Our experienced veterinarians utilize cutting-edge technology to conduct precise examinations of pets’ internal structures, particularly focusing on ears, nose, and throat areas. Video otoscopy, a pivotal component of our services, enables detailed inspection of the ear canal, allowing for accurate diagnosis of conditions such as infections, inflammation, or foreign objects. By employing these advanced techniques, we can provide tailored treatments, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and ensure a quicker, more comfortable recovery for our beloved pets. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, and our commitment to advanced endoscopic procedures reflects our dedication to delivering the highest quality veterinary care.

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AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital in Ogden UT | Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital

We Are an AAHA-Accredited Family Veterinarian

The team at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital is proud to announce that we received AAHA Accreditation in March of 2019! We’ve always believed in providing high-quality service to our patients, and as part of our commitment, we now hold ourselves to the standards set by the American Animal Hospital Association.

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