LOVE Spay Program

Looking for “low cost spay and neuter near me”? Veterinary Medical Charities partnered with Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital is proud to offer one free LOVE Spay monthly to low income families.  This program is available only because of the charitable donations from our community.  
One pet each month will be spayed laparoscopically for $200.  Laparoscopic spays are not only less evasive, but also less painful and allow for quick recovery for pets.  
low cost spay and neuter near me | Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital

Application Process

  • Fill out form and submit immediately to
  • Attach proof with your email of poverty income guidelines OR your participation in a government assistance program.
  • Response time may vary but once approved, you will receive an email with your scheduled date for surgery if approved/when approved.
  • Surgery is done at Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital located at 4300 Harrison Blvd. Suite 5 in Ogden, UT 84403
  • These vouchers are approved at a first come/first served basis and all those waiting will be scheduled for the following month/appointment slot.  If your pet is unable to wait for a spay appointment, this voucher program may not be the best option for your pet.
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