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Laboratory testing 

Many illnesses and medical conditions that affect our animal companions cannot be detected on the surface of the skin. Some show no sign until they are fully developed. That’s why veterinary diagnostic tools are so important. These tools allow us to delve deeper, below the surface of the skin, to identify, diagnose and treat these conditions in a timely manner. Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary diagnostic services for our patients, including urine testing, fecal analysis, blood analysis, and more.

Most labwork can be run in-house the same day.  We also work with outside laboratories if additional testing is needed.  

Tests we offer that your pet may need in its lifetime:

-Heartworm screening

-Tick disease screening

-Chemistry (checking organ function, blood glucose, electrolytes etc)

-Urine analysis

-Complete Blood Count (checks red blood cells, immune cells,    platelets etc)

-Fecal analysis for intestinal parasites

-Skin scraping for mites

-Fungal Cultures for ringworm

-Fine-Needle Aspirates (to check lumps and bumps for signs of cancer)

-Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia testing

-Thyroid screening

-GI testing

-Cytology (ear and skin cytology to look for infection, parasites and cancer)

Veterinary Topics