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BALTO is our first Hero to join the program and here is his story:  

John Logie began working with Balto when he went to Afghanistan in 2009. Working as a contracted handler first with the U.S. Special Forces, then the Canadian Military, the pair spent almost a year together searching for explosives and clearing the way for troops until the day Logie was injured.

John stated "It was May 9th 2010 me and Balto were clearing a compound when he indicated he was on odor and began to pull me towards the building. That's when I stepped on the secondary IED. I was wounded but Balto was not. They found the primary and it was perfectly set up for me but because of Balto I am here today. If he had not pulled me towards that building I would of stepped on the primary which would of killed me"

After a year and a half recovery he returned to Afghanistan but this time as a Kennel Master. He would see Balto on occasion at KAF and when he was sent home due to reduction of force he went to an academy in Alabama where after certifying with his new dog John found out Balto was coming home. 

He put in the papers and was able to take both Balto and his new Contract Working Dog home.
At Wasatch Hollow Animal Hospital we are thrilled to have him in our Free In-Hospital Medical Service Program for our Heroes. We look forward to seeing him enjoy a long, playful and healthy retired life.
Balto and John, Thank You for your service!

Read more about their story at https://www.ksl.com/?sid=29082166

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